Q. What previous education do I need?

A. You must have a High School Diploma or a GED. (A certificate of High School Completion is NOT acceptable.)

Q. What does this pre-license course consist of?

A.The Real Estate Education Center Pre-License Course consists of 15 classes (60-hours of instruction) and 1 Final Exam – the student must score a minimum of 70% to pass the course.

Q. Do I have to attend all classes?

A. All classes must be attended! You have 6 months from the date you enroll to take all and successfully pass the course final exam.

Q. What if I have to miss a class?

A. If you are unable to attend a numbered class session, you may make up that same number session at the alternate location. 

Q. What are the requirements to obtain a Real Estate License in Alabama?

A. The State of Alabama REAL ESTATE COMMISSION requires an applicant prior to taking the state exam, to have successfully completed 60-hours of coursework and to have passed the final exam(70%). The applicant has 6 months after completing the course to take the state exam. 


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